About Us

Lamp repair is deeply rooted in my past, beginning well back in my youth, first repairing family items. Restoring old lamps from grandmother’s attic just added to a growing passion. Over the years, I picked up items from yard sales, flea markets, and auctions, and eventually a collection of old lamps took shape. Most of them had to wait patiently for my attention, as career changes over the years forced a gradual departure from this past time.

A couple of years ago, I began to unpack my treasures and my interest was slowly rekindled. Meantime, discussions with local businesses had given me the chance to offer my lamp repair service through referrals. As customers have begun to trickle in, and with the recent availability of more work space, I decided it was time to expand.

So, Old Lamps Made New Again was born and lamp repair services are now available for most antique and vintage lamps as an additional service through Carey’s Frame Shop.